(for the assessment of applications and award and acceptance of grants)


  • Grants are only available to Applicants whose home address is within the Ecclesiastical Parishes of Thornhaugh and Wansford. 


  • The award of Grants is at the discretion of the Trustees whose decision is final.


  • Recipients of Grants must provide proofs of purchase/expenditure in the form of copies of receipts, or electronic confirmations of order, detailing all purchases made from the grant. Copies can be sent electronically or by post.
    For compliance, as a Charity registered with the Charity Commission, the Trustees must insist upon full accountability of expenditure from all recipients of grants.

  • Failure to provide receipts may disqualify Applicants from further grants. 


  • If the purpose for which a grant has been made ceases to exist for any reason, the trustees must be notified and any unspent grants/vouchers returned together with copies of receipts for items previously purchased. 

Terms & Conditions