Who can apply?


  • We welcome applications from  individuals (of any age) or non commercial organisations which are involved in helping young people, skills development or education.


  • Applicants must be resident in the “Ecclesiastical Parish of Thornhaugh and Wansford”. Please check the downloads section or with the Applications’ Trustee (see below)  if you are unsure of the location of Parish boundaries.


  • Individuals must be about to commence, or are already pursuing, some form of Further Education.


  • Organisations are encouraged to apply for grants for a variety of purposes, provided they are in line with the aims and aspirations of the Charity. For informal discussion prior to any application, please contact the Applications Trustee.


  • In the case of courses, training or projects lasting more than one year, additional applications can be made annually.



What do I do?


  • Please complete an Application Form and electronically submit or email/post to the Applications’ Trustee.


 When should applications be made?


  • Application Forms must be completed and submitted by 1 September each year.


When are grants made/delivered to Applicants?


  • Shortly after the Trustees’ meeting, usually mid-September each year.


What Information must be provided?


  • Applicant’s Full Name, Email address and telephone number

  • Applicant’s Permanent address

  • Schools/Colleges attended if under 25

  • Purpose of the grant

  • Bank account details (to enable electronic transfer of funds)

  • Details of either:

a) the further education course, full-time/part-time/apprenticeship/training course etc. including location of study, expected length of course, eventual qualification/accreditation/certification etc. or

b) the educational benefit to the group/organisation, club/other body with which you are involved, details of the organisation and your personal position within the organisation. 


What are the Grants for and how are they paid?


  • To support the costs of further education - books, course materials, art supplies, photographic supplies, travel costs, professional fees and so on. Grants can be made in a variety of forms, depending on what is to be purchased, for example Amazon Vouchers, funds transferred electronically to the applicant’s account, or cheques made payable to suppliers.


  • For community organisations seeking a grant, the benefits to young people (in terms of skills enhancement, education or other benefits) of the area will need to be demonstrated.





Please Note


  • The award of grants is at the discretion of the Trustees.

  • Applicants must return unexpended grants/vouchers/funds if a course of further education/training, or the organisation’s proposal, is abandoned for whatever reason.

  • Recipients must undertake to provide proofs of purchase/expenditure. Failure to do so may disqualify Applicants from further grants.

  • Please refer to the terms and conditions section of the website for more details


Details of the Applications’ Trustee


Stuart Foreman


Rev. Thomas Woolsey’s Charity (Thornhaugh with Wansford).


Email: foreman2004@hotmail.co.uk

Address: 6 Russell Hill, Thornhaugh, Cambs PE8 6HL

Tel: 01780 783220

Grant Eligibility